2013 - 2014 Officers

Most Worshipful Hiram of Tyre Grand Lodge Inc.  A.F & A.M.
MWGM Bro. Ron Adams 32°
2013-2014 Elected and Appointed Grand Lodge Officers


Appointee Area Served Position
Ron Adams   Grand Master
Aaron Murphy   Deputy Grand Master
Bobby Johnson   Grand Senior Warden
Jorrie Estrada   Grand Junior Warden
Alfred Delt   Grand Lecturer
Norman Ward   Grand Secretary
Charlie Rudolph   Grand Mortuary Secretary
Ronald Doucette   Grand Treasurer
Robert Ray   Grand Tyler


Appointee Area Served Position
Henry Gaudet, Jr. Bay Area Trustee
Anthony Holguin Central Valley Trustee
Willie R. Clark Los Angeles Trustee
Quinton J. Nunley, Sr. Los Angeles Trustee


Appointee Area Served Position
Joseph Washington   Grand Patron
Earl Wilson Bay Area District Deputy Grand Master
Willie R. Clark Los Angeles District Deputy Grand Master
James Bethune Central Valley District Deputy Grand Master
Johnny McKay Inland Valley District Deputy Grand Master
William James Las Vegas District Deputy Grand Master
Harold Jones Bay Area Grand Instructor
Jorrie V. Estrada Los Angeles Grand Instructor
James Bethune Central Valley Grand Instructor
Johnny McKay Inland Valley Grand Instructor
William James Las Vegas Grand Instructor
Donnie Monford   Senior Steward
Reese Withers   Junior Steward
Ray Harvey   Inner Guard
Raymond Strom   Sword Bearer
Walter Key Bay Area Grand Marshall
Reginald Jernigan Southern Area Grand Marshall
George Morgan   Grand Assistant Secretary
Ralston Lucas   Grand Registrar
Jerry Bolling   Assistant Grand Registrar
William C. Lewis   Grand Historian/Foreign Correspondent
Otis F. Clopton   Grand Assistant Historian
Elvey Perkins   Grand Assistant Historian
Phinehas Mosley   Grand Youth Director
Albert Shehee Northern Grand Assistant Youth Director
Eddie Powell Southern Grand Assistant Youth Director
Lewis Stedman   Grand Youth Secretary
Joe Rodgers, Jr.   Audit and Finance Committee
Henry Gaudet, Jr.   Audit and Finance Committee
Clifford Nalls   Audit and Finance Committee
Wilfred Mitchell   Audit and Finance Committee
Arthur Valles   Audit and Finance Committee
Clifford Nalls   Information Systems & Technology
Phinehas Mosley   Information Systems & Technology
Jason Watson   Grand Webmaster
Roberto Moreno,III   Grand Assistant Webmaster
Anthony Holguin   Grand Assistant Webmaster
Raymond Strum   Grand Bible Bearer
Arthur Valle   Grand Senior Deacon
Melvin Martin   Grand Junior Deacon
Alvin K. Holden   Grand Chaplain
Arthur Watson   Grand Coordinator
Antonio Holguin   Grand Assistant Coordinator
Streeter Turner   Grand Publicity Committee
Michael Davidson   Grand Publicity Committee
Dale Grimes   Grand Publicity Committee
Byron Roberts   Grand Publicity Committee
Phinehas Mosley   Grand Publicity Committee
John Jackson   Grand Publicity Committee
Bobby G. Johnson   Entertainment Committee
Tilmon Perry, Jr.   Entertainment Committee
Anthony Graves   Entertainment Committee
James Bethune   Entertainment Committee
Arthur Watson   Entertainment Committee
Reese Withers   Entertainment Committee
Jerry Bolling   Entertainment Committee
Walter Key   Entertainment Committee
Joe Rogers, Jr.   Entertainment Committee
Alex Bowie   Entertainment Committee
Charlie Rudolph   Grand Budget Committee
Otis F. Clopton   Grand Budget Committee
John Jackson   Grand Budget Committee
Aaron Murphy   Grand Budget Committee
William James   Grand Budget Committee
Michael Davidson   Grand Budget Committee
Jeramiah Tolbert   Grand Budget Committee

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