"The Standard Bearers"


Location: 5904 S. Broadway Los Angeles CA 90003

Meeting Dates: 1st and 3rd Monday

Time: 7:30pm


To join please call 323.234.3429 and ask for Bro. Willie R. Clark or Bro. Joe Rogers, Jr.



Bro. Melvin Martin

 We strive to do all things decent and in order. We also strive for excellence in all that we do. We have some of the best cooks in our lodge and quite a few knowledgeable brothers in all areas of life. We have many professionals in our lodge like: nurse, probation officer, technology expert, chef, master caterer, accounting, electrician, and many more. We have in the past earned the Grand Master's Trophy for the best lodge. We have had multiple Grand Masters come from our lodge. In short.... since we were chartered June 24, 1924, we have laid the foundation and opened up many doors and we will yet continue to strive to improve ourselves and others in the masonic way.  




     Our Eastern Star sisters are

Esther Chapter #2

Just like our brothers we too are the Standard Bearers of our Grand Chapter. Many Grand Lecturers and Grand Worthy Matrons have come from our chapter. We have numerous members possessing a vast knowledge of the OES as well as life experiences.



 RWM, Bro. Melvin James and Sis. Delia James who is Esther Chapter #2 secretary


Worthy Patron, Bro. P. Mosley










bro.  p. mosley, editor



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